Secrets of CryptoS Revealed

The simpler the better to reach the mainstream with cryptoS but first we have to solve many problems facing the whole industry like Ease of Use, Security and Profitability.

  1. Simplicity: people always love beauty and it is even better when it’s simple enough to use and invest just like your everyday routing.
  2. Security: imagine having a credit size hardware wallet which only you can authenticate with fingerprint plus biometrics along the traditional 2FA then it’s much harder to crack
  3. Profitability: it’s human nature to be better and we all want incentives to do things. So if there is benefit especially monetary to use it people will jump onboard.

And of course 3 additional first things we need to also get under control: payments, remittances and investment trading:

  • Payments: ATMs and Credit Card size hardware wallet with better fees than banks before we can even mention the mainstream since the fees of crypto payments are still very high and speed is slow not to say extremely slow when congested. We need to seamlessly integrate payments to blend fiats and cryptoS into one and eventually get rid of fiats for the good of the world.
  • Remittances: when sending money back home will be easy and fees in the range of +/- 1% not higher than others like in the range of 5-10%
  • Trading (CeX + DeX and OTC/P2P): this is probably the most complex since we are gradually moving away from CeX to complete DeX without sacrificing speed and security.

How do we monetize?

– Ads and Sponsored articles

– Affiliates

– Partnerships

  • ATMs, Exchanges both CeX + DeX and crypto Shop

To be honest with the whole industry started with bitcointalk all the way to telegram groups and reddit plus others as they abuse the freedom of speech and the worst of all they will filter and censor contents to their liking or philosophy. With cryptocurrency we expect better from those who represent the community; however you should not be concerned about those so-called bad Mods/Admins. Of course those guys will be the first to betray you and they will also be the first to fraud/scam the community. The best advice is to always use Escrow and back up your private keys “Your keys hence your cryptoS!”

You know a simple fact that the elites make laws to stay in control and they always love to be in power no matter how you vote and protest on the streets. Still amending laws and regulations to further clamp down your unrest but in the end there is no justice for the bottom or even the middle class. It is human nature to lie, cheat and … to profit off the rest of the society. The Blockchain will bring us transparency but it does not solve all the issues, at least it will level the playing field to minimize government corruption. The best way to vote or protest your rights is to get involved with the Blockchain and this does not mean you have to invest and risk all of your assets or savings but at least get educated and spread the words to your circle, your network and your outreach.


– Day trading: high risk and of course high earnings/rewards but you have to know what you’re doing since the market is manipulated (same like the stock markets with insider trading). Whales with big holdings can move the market in seconds so you have to know when to get in/out at the right time without the emotions and always Stop-Loss your positions. Only 1-3% can earn a good profit and the rest will lose

– OTC or P2P trading: we recommend 3 best platforms and you can start exploring or if you have been using them you can share your experience as we always love the tips/tricks and secrets (no one does share their secrets) which we do share.

1. localcryptos: they can be the best since they are decentralized in a sense meaning you control your private keys, that is an important factor after 10 years of hacks on centralized services/platforms. They still do not have much of trading activities than the LBC and Paxful but you’re in control so start to migrate will be a great thing for your future plus enjoy No-KYC. It takes about plus or minus 10 for us to learn a simple thing, not bad after all but many still keep their investments on those centralized exchanges, not recommended but their money hence their choice. Stay away from those DeXes as much as possible and only deposit whatever amount you’re trading there only not your entire savings/assets. Never put all of your eggs in one basket! This means never put all of your cryptoS into centralized services or exchanges. Diversify, Backup and Recover at least once so you know the process. We have a youtube and tiktok channel unboxing then reviewing anything related to cryptoS especially we share tips/tricks to better educate the public on security of their money (cryptoS).

2. localbitcoins (LBC): it is the longest standing P2P with only minor security issues; however it’s KYC’ed so you need to verify your identity subject to local jurisdiction to report your earnings/losses of trading activities and from time to time they send your personal details to your local tax offices. They have their good reputation but practicing the best advice of only deposit whatever you think is necessary to trade since you’re not in control of the funds and they are subject to confiscation at any moment.

3. paxful: they do support many payment methods and that’s their strength but again you never control your funds so deposit. Expect many scammers and fraudsters plus money mules when trading even though the rest is legit. So when you begin you can start a Pro even though they have higher premium but the experience will be smooth. If you see something too good to be true and they want to trade outside of Escrow, just beware!

If you explore and research some payment methods then master only 1 or 2 only to flow money in/out the profits are still in the +5%. It used to be 20-30% when bitcoin was -/+ $1000 but those days were long gone. The best investment of cryptoS without much risks is to long btc (bitcoin) and eth (ethereum) and if you feel you know the game you can absolutely get into ICO, IEO and DeFi with yield farmings.

We will continue to update and reveal the secrets… so keep an eye out for our future!

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