We start this media company with the sole purpose of bringing cryptoS to everyone. The goal is very ambitious as we know the pros and cons of the Blockchain after more than one decade of existence.

We think cryptoS now are ready for Primetime; however there is alot of work to do before we can be able to reach the mass. For the mainstream people do not care about centralization or decentralization. They do not care about DeFi or not and we have to focus on simplicity, security and profitability.

  • For Simplicity: it’s got to be simple enough for an average person to use much like a Credit Card with 1, 2 or 3 steps setup not the complexity of 12 or 24 seed words then you lose it not knowing how to recover since you forget to back it up in the first place. Integrating multi-sigs and multi-factor authentications like fingerprints and biometrics. If we combine email/sms/fingerprint plus biometrics then it is almost impossible to hack and all on a simple credit card size with both fiats + cryptos to either pay or invest in a decentralized fashion, that is when we hit the Jackpot to get the technologies out to the mainstream.
  • For Security: it’s got to be safe and decentralized as much as possible. No single point of failure and No single third party that could jeopardize the integrity of the whole system. Of course the mainstream should not worry about hacks because there is nothing to hack.
  • For Profitability: if there is no benefit or incentive to get into cryptoS then why bother in the first place with all the risks associated. Solving the payments, remittences and all everyday needs people will realize the freedom of decentralization naturally with finances.

There are many startups/companies from small to large working everyday to achieve the same goal that is freedom of finance hence freedom of the world. We want to be a part of the evolution but the industry is still very fragmented plus too much of frauds/scams hindering the development of the Blockchain. For the ones who are informed they know that it is not our job to fight the bad guys. For the ones who are illiterate about the technologies they talk Trash and always put the blame on others instead of solving the problem or making constructive arguments. Nevertheless we are only focusing on developing better technologies to bring cryptoS to the mass instead of paying attention to the negatives. We simply do not have time for such but we do have time to advance human civilization.

We would love to hear your valuable feedback to implement and develop the best and the simplest way to reach the mass. We will be sharing our knowledge with tips/tricks plus secrets of the Blockchain.

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