We are partnering with StiB and easybitatm to begin our launch of bitcoin ATMs, some will be 2-ways for both buying and selling. We will compete the the big guys by providing mire resources as well as better fees starting at 4.9% instead of +|-10% or more. It depends on the volume of each ATM and we will adjust the rate to get cryptoS to the mainstream trading with Cash.

Once we feel confident and comfortable with the ATMs we will begin our expansion of supporting more payments like bank transfers, gifts, etc… integrated closely with our Shop with discounts up to 20% when paying with cryptoS.

The goal is to bring that seamless experience of payments, trading and investment of cryptoS to the hands of the mainstream without much of technical knowledge. It is a single place to shop with discounts, spend like your everyday and invest intelligently to make great profits.

Tentative locations at Worcester downtown begin early this Nov:

– Main Street

– Park Ave

– Plus more coming soon!

For instructions you can check out our youtube and tiktok channels.

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