Cryptocurrency survived the Pandemic and now ready for Primetime

Satoshi is quite smart to avoid all the legalities when decided to stay anonymous and let the community grow organically and naturally on its own. The best part of Bitcoin is limited supply of 21 millions btc. Some will be lost due to a variety of reasons but the rest will be traded, exchanged and/or hodled without bail-out under any circumstance. After a decade of dead-alive and in 2020 it survived the biggest test of all which is the Pandemic. It is self-sustainable and no one can take it down as it’s growing in popularity. It is ready for Primetime without bails from anyone, anywhere and anytime.

People especially the ones in the industry need to collaborate and send a simple message to the rest of the world that we all need to get into the actions by simply educating ourselves, our friends and our networks to voice our power. Not protesting on the streets to risk anything unnecessarily, not voting democratically to make the elites more powerful and not making the rich richer. You need to study the technologies and spread the love among your circles.

Imagine only 25-30% of local people start the revolution to accept cryptoS one form or another we can take control back. The key is only a quarter not the majority. But in order to get people excited and pumped to begin with cryptoS we need 3 things:

  • Simplicity: beautiful and ease of use
  • Profitability: benefits and incentives
  • Security: multi-sig and multi-level factor of authentication with fingerprints plus biometrics

It’s already the 21st century and we need another form of currency, we need another form of government who works for its citizens not the other way around with true democracy and we need a better way of life where no one is left behind since we have enough resources to take care of close to 8 billions people. No single government or organization can do what cryptoS can and that is bringing freedom of all to all, not just the riches, the elites and the powerful. It is a RESET button to start over with a better future for all.

So what can you do:

  • If you are well educated you can get involved to spread the love.
  • If you’re new then you can study and research starting with btc and eth. No need to invest any money, just invest your time!

Why you continue to work hard for the riches?

Why protest while you can invest your time with cryptoS?

Why you have to listen to the governments instead they have to listen and work for you?

Together we can bring cryptoS to the mainstream. Never invest what you can not afford to lose with cryptoS and your keys hence your coins as you need to keep a minimal amount on centralized exchanges for trading only.

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