As humans we are very much satisfied with what we currently have until something changes or we’re being pushed to the wall to consider other options. We know fiats are failing but no better option right now when 90% are trying to make end meets. Only the top 10% have money to really invest in stocks/cryptoS.

During the Pandemic many people spend alot of time online to look for ways to increase your savings/holdings of fiats; however this number is still small but in the back of their mind there is an another option called bitcoin (cryptoS in general) besides Gold, Stocks or foreign currencies especially the US dollars. This is very encouraging since the more people consider the better for the whole industry without much of educating since they are self-taught when they are being pushed against the wall.

The beauty of cryptoS is Privacy, Security and Transparency but the best of all is NO bailout whatsoever. It survives on its own and it is now self-sustainable even though manipulations are still the highest risks with whales are always in control. Plus the whole industry needs to learn from Apple as they are now the best salehuman. For example the new iPhone 12 is much like the iPhone 5 in terms of design but it’s faster and newer with a better camera. The point is we have to make cryptoS extremely easy as well as exciting so more people will start to educate themselves not just only a few percentage. Simplicity and Beauty first then Security and Transparency plus much more later, we need to focus to crack the Simple and Beautiful cryptoS with marketing while pay much more attention to Security to migrate from CeX to DeX in the near future.

Too much time and resources being focused on the failed leaders around the world to control and contain the Virus. Only a handful of countries got it under control either through Luck or the nature of their regimes which is pretty much relying on luck. Most democratic countries failed miserably since they all want Freedom and they do not have a plan to tackle. It is quite simple: Test, Trace and Isolate. Something extremely simple like that but they are still struggling to let the Virus spread through the public wildly. We know politicians only talk Trash and vote on regulations to control their citizens which in the end it will benefit the top 10% including themselves and their networks. The most important thing to realize is “nothing will stay the same forever!” as we are changing rapidly in the modern era. This is to say no regime or government will rule forever since we can always put a number on such: 10 years, 100 years or maybe a few thousands years like the feudal dynasty. Whether it is democratic or communist or even authoritarian regime it won’t last forever. Smart people know such a fact and now it is the best time for a change with the help of the Blockchain to move us all into a new era, post modern or blockchain era when you do not have to protest on the streets while risking your life just to make your voice heard. The key number is 25-30% of local people to begin utilizing cryptoS in their local market they can overturn their local government/dictator easily.

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