Protesting in democracy regimes have been happening for years and the end results are slow changes but the cycle repeats for centuries if we continue to use sich brute-force method, not so smart after all. We all know the elites will make changes to favor them in the long-term while satisfying you the 99% in the short-term since they are always in power and they control it all. So to make your voice heard, the Blockchain is the answer in this modern era not the 19th or 20th centuries anymore to make amendments after one another and in the end the top 1% and/or 10% benefits the most not the rest. This applies to all governments not just a communist one or a democracy regime. The answer once again is cryptoS since we only need 25% to flip it from fiats to cryptoS and the people will be in power instead of a few!

All governments fail one way or another since they never work for the citizens in the first place until the country is in deep trouble and we start to blame one another while most if not all citizens suffer. We do not need to look at history to know this fact. It is simple that no regime or no government will exist forever due to the changing nature of humankind. The Stone age then Feudal era and now Modern time in a quick history lesson we know nothing exists forever since we can put a number on each era and some will last a bit longer than others.

The Blockchain might be the answer for this modern era along with global Internet we the 8 billions not the elites or top 1% will make another revolution to evolve naturally. Until any official person who works to govern gets paid by the minimum wage then we can call it a success. Not meaning the President gets $1 in salary and behind the scenes he or his family along with his circles/networks/associates get millions in other underground deals. Not that!

cryptoS will be the answer for Transparency, Security and Profitability that bring freedom to all of us, the 8 billions soon. No need to protest on the streets to risk your lives and your families to make your voice heard. Please invest time only to learn and spread the message since it will go a long way not just one day, week or month ahead!

Most people in the industry are there for the money as they do not have the vision to bring cryptoS to the mass since they build and develop products to make money and if it got hacked they just run and you lose. So be careful with your investment on centralized services/exchanges as well as DeFi which is still in early stages and it can be easily hacked. But now is the best time to invest your time to spread the message about the Blockchain which will evolve naturally along with global Internet for a better future.

Always remember to invest only what you can afford to lose with cryptoS. Best to invest time now to study more to educate the public about the Blockchain!

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