The Pandemic revealed the truth of failed governments only the Blockchain can come to the rescue for a better future of 8 billions

Whoever controls the money controls the world. There is really no need to look at history to come to such conclusion as it is just a fact. Most of the time people focus on the wrong things at the wrong time but now it is the right time to focus on the right thing, the Blockchain which is a natural evolution of our intellectuals.

The key for mass adoption of the Blockchain is 25% on any region. We don’t need the majority to penetrate the market with cryptoS. If a quarter of the population of a town, city or state decide to utilize the Blockchain for their daily transactions we can “flippening” fiats to cryptoS to take back the control from the elites, the 1%.

During the Pandemic people lose alot from their savings, their loved ones and their future with a preventable Virus due to failed leadership. And they go out to the streets to protest which is the usual when you’re upset, when you’re fed up and when you want changes; however the usual thing will result in usual outcome which is an amendment, a new regulation then new laws. The elites know that by passing new regulations you are in control since they are in charge of the financial systems and you can’t escape the so-called “modern slaves” to work hard in order to pay off debts, to pay taxes and simply to make end meets just to survive.

For the top 10% they have gained financially in any circumstances whether it is a recession or a great depression. The other 90% can lose it all very easily since they never had any saving trying to catch up with all the debts. It seems like never making enough to put food on the table and of course they have no time to think long-term since the everyday tasks are always over their heads while the elites have plenty of time to make better decisions with all the time and resources at hands. It is not about intelligence but it is about time and money to make better choice in life. Nevertheless some will be lucky than others unfortunate due to market conditions or political circumstances in their regions but the point is everyone should be equal with all the basic human rights. No one is above anyone else!

Covid-19 failed us in so many ways economically, emotionally and psychologically whether it is a communist, authoritarian or democratic regime. All failed miserably due to politics. Some countries manage to contain it better than others but still it costs lives of people while the finger pointing and blaming game are always at the tongue of those officials ready to lie to the public just to keep their jobs. What’s so hard to control and contain the Virus in 3 simple steps: Test, Trace and Isolate (mass quarantine not voluntary).

Since the failed leadership could not protect us then we have to protect ourselves with easy steps to follow with your daily routine:

1. Wear a mask when out in public

2. Wash your hands often with sanitizers

3. Rinse 2-3 times daily with mouthwash

4. Social distance at least 6 ft (2m) apart

5. Be mindful of people and use common sense!

The current centralized exchanges are worse than banks and DeFi/DeX are only in experimental stages which are easily hacked. The people running the exchanges want to hold and manage your money so what’s the point of decentralized finances when there’s a single point of failure:

– Lost and hacked private keys with hot wallets or cold storage when a person or a group of people are in charge

– Confiscated wallets due to conflicts with local authorities

– Worst of all is exit-scams

When we have something better than the current banking system we can certainly reach the mainstream with ease. The mentality of these people are profit driven which is great to innovate but it will slow down the speed of adoption of the Blockchain due to greed. It is important to realize “not how much money you have but how big of an impact you make in your local community, city and country!”

The Blockchain is your answer for now and the future so if you feel risky you can invest what you could afford to lose with cryptoS other than that please invest your time to learn, study and research!

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