Imagine you have all the Freedom in the world with basic human rights like free Internet, free speech and fundamental universal income where you can excel with your expertise instead of trying to make a living and worrying about how to put food on the table. This is why we always say the poor gets poorer since they spend their entire life doing laborious things which robots can do it much better.

We build robots to serve humankind so we all can enjoy a better life to its fullest with our potential instead of worrying about make ends meet. We only use less than 1% of our brain power and we are an intellectual specie controlling the planet while exploring space with the Universe.

We can achieve all that with more innovations and less competitions. The Blockchain might be the answer but it can’t solve all the issues facing humanity in this modern era. Part of the solution is the Blockchain and we improve incrementally plus innovate on top of it to make our society a better place for all not just the elites, the top 1% or the ones in powers.

We don’t want to waste time and resources to discuss how all governments fail in the past and present, of course they will fail in the future with no drastic changes. Whether it is communism, authoritarianism or capitalism as each one offers great lessons through history. We can coin the new modern era “Blockchainism”:

– Universal basic Income

– Fundamentals of human rights

– Transparency, Security and Profitability

The Flipping from fiats to cryptoS

With robots serving humans while we focus on improving life conditions on earth as well as exploring space. Now we are talking humans with 5-10% brain power since we evolve and laser-focused on the true meaning to life. We drive electric self-driving vehicles, we fly electric airplanes and we order online to get food and packages by drones so we can continue our normal life to focus on what matters most.

A world without military, no cops and no politics but only with love from everyone trying to achieve a common goal of better humankind in so many ways. Freedom for all with all the freedoms in an almost perfect world only with the Blockchain “In the Blockchain we trust!”

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