The dirty secrets of cryptoS

Market manipulations, they do manipulate the markets not to mention insider trading. Some got lucky to be within the 3% of people making profits and 97% will lose in the short term. However long-term Bitcoin and Ethereum should be stable and profitable. If you feel risky you can try DeFi while they are still very experimental at a fast pace. And do not forget with cryptoS it is 24/7 not business hours and once you’re feeling tired you will make bad choices. The key is to get in at the right time and get out with stop-loss as always.

Banking mentality to hold your cryptoS with custodians and vaults, worse hot wallets waiting for be hacked even with cold storage when a single person or a group with/without multi-sig. The whole point of Decentralization is you manage your own cryptoS with ease + simplicity, integrated security seamlessly and built-in incentives to provide that cool social status like owning an iPhone instead of a malware keyboard phone. Only a few people in the industry really fight for the true decentralization instead of profit-driven to fraud the public. The advice is to invest your time for a better future with the Blockchain.

  • Stay away from centralized exchanges or services. Only deposit the amount to trade only and withdraw to your own wallets which you own the private keys
  • Slowly migrate from fiats to cryptoS and educate your circles/networks just like a migration from CeX to DeX
  • We only need 25% to flippening from fiats to cryptoS
  • You control your keys hence you control your own destiny!

Free Speech or censorship and filtering contents on forums if you’re against their wills. The 2 most popular forums at the beginning of bitcoin are bitcointalk and reddit but you have to write and express your views to be pro-bitcoin or pro-cryptoS, no negatives against their work, job or whatever otherwise you get banned and your posts get deleted. Each group has its own Mods/Admins and they are in control to filter and censor contents “Freedom of censorship” not Freedom of Speech or contents. But this is just a small group not representing the whole industry.

  • You’ve been temporarily banned from participating in “reddit”
  • A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by a Bitcoin Forum moderator.

Even the big Tech giants like Google and Facebook banned cryptoS Ads and they lifted after all on whatever projects they deem legitimate. For example, Mt. Gox could advertise on major platforms and they collapsed badly so those companies helped amplified the loss of many investors. Same thing goes to most if not all licensed exchanges since they are just waiting to be hacked. The question is which one has not been hacked since the list of hacked exchanges are too long to mention. It is just software and hackers sometimes can find exploits not only while we sleep but also when we are awake.

The industry needs to learn alot from Apple on marketing and design. It’s quite simple when they can sell millions of an old design years ago and brand it “new, cool and amazing”. The social status of having an iPhone is their trick to sell with a Premium.

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