At the beginning of the Pandemic only a few governments and organizations reacted quickly to contain then control the spread of Covid-19. Then everything collapsed from the food supply chains to stocks as well as cryptoS but Gold and other so called “safe haven” assets jumped as people were switching their holdings to a safer ground. All governments started to simply print more money but they use the tricky phrase to cheat the public when calling “Stimulus package” by borrowing more debts. The only Store of Value that does not need bailout is cryptoS as it crashed and recovered with the confidence of the safest haven asset in the world. By the year end we all know what Bitcoin is worth when it hits $28.5k rallying since early 2020. And 2021 we will see $30-50k as the lows with highs could be up to $70-100k.

Most governments failed with the Virus since these politicians have no idea how to use common sense to tackle the Pandemic but lockdowns or shutdowns as the worst plan. The plan is as simple as Test, Trace then Isolate (TTi) with mass quarantine while encouraging citizens to Wash, Wear, Rinse and Distant (WWRD) to control the Pandemic All it takes is 2 months instead of 2 years until the vaccines made available to the public. Only a few governments have successfully implemented the measure and that is how to resolve such a threat to humanity.

If 2020 was bad, wait for 2021 as the worst is yet to come with more deaths, more crashes and of course more money being printed. The top will benefit as they continue to accumulate wealths while the bottom will surfer the most and later they have to pay all the national debts through whatever means: taxes, bloods and even lives.

This is the biggest failure of this modern era all because of the politicians for being (iii): ignorant, incompetent and irresponsible as they all should be charged with criminal negligence. However in reality they have all the VIPs and they can skip lines to get vaccinated while frontline workers continue to wait for their turns as priority.

Looking ahead for the future with the potentials of the Blockchain we can certainly be optimistic because Decentralized Finance (DeFi) will get rid of banks and Transparent Governance (TraGo) will get rid of (iii) politicians as the best 2 applications so far. For each dollar that goes into the Blockchain and cryptoS in general a little bit of power is being taking away from the Top. And always remember we all come to this world empty-handed and we will certainly leave empty-handed so it’s not important how much wealth you accumulate but what you contribute to society in your lifetime will be most important!

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