Our Portfolio

A crypto portfolio is one of the best investments since the last financial crisis in 2008. The investments used to be very risky but not anymore if you know the secrets: it’s all about Time Horizon and Risk Management. There are thousands of tokens out there and some might be perform better than others; however only a few percentage will survive the test of time as we go through Bull/Bear cycles. Investors look for multiple times in returns and this requires time so patient is the key.

Our advice is to focus on accumulation with the top ones for long-term and transition slowly plus steadily from fiats to cryptoS with your funds. The end goal is to educate the mainstream in order to reach the masses to make the world a better place!

crypto portfolio
cryptoS Report

Top 3 (Solid for Long Term)

$ 37,241.98
$ 37,241.98
$ 2,025.22
$ 2,025.22
$ 56.07
$ 56.07

Only invest long term and trade short term as you should never leave your funds on exchanges (CEX or DEX), no matter how trusted and secured. Always use offline storage and hot wallet to manage your funds.

Recommendation: You can allocate 50% into cryptoS and only keep 10% Cash in banks but this is never financial Advice, please consult your financial Advisors as we’re here for entertainment and Educational purposes only!

Top 5 (Riskier)

$ 5.511.24%
$ 2.442%
$ 1,472.302.32%
$ 14.260.21%
$ 0.1283911.58%

We are all changing the world one bit at a time!

Master Le

Top 10 out of 15 (More Risks with High Returns)

$ 1,472.302.32%
$ 3.210.47%
$ 1.010.48%
$ 0.1283911.58%
$ 2.442%
the-graphThe Graph
$ 0.1438644.95%
$ 45.4810.65%
$ 14.260.21%
$ 14.346.87%
$ 16.213.12%

If you have a risky appetite you can certainly invest on some of the new projects or meme coins as short-term!

Tips and Tricks

  • Set your own goal to begin the accumulation
  • Believe in innovations and the power of P2P
  • Never go against the markets, follow the trends
  • Avoid copycats and forks/classics for long-term
  • Don’t fall for that $10 or even $100 credit of referrals! 
  • Use common sense and be patient with your potentials
  • A few seconds to type the URL will save you thousands
  • Allocate 50% for cryptoS and 50% for fiats plus the rest 
  • Never FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) as there will be always opportunities
  • In Math we Trust with the Blockchain whether it’s classical cryptography or Quantum Cryptography
  • A few hours/days/weeks to research could also save your entire investments
  • Focus on only a few: coins/tokens/influencers/experts/analysts/strategists…
  • Your keys then your money (Never leave your funds on the exchanges “CEX or DEX”)
  • Use common sense if something is too good to be true like high APRs or extreme ROIs that you’ve never seen or heard of
  • Connect the dots to identify the patterns with your wisdom
  • Unplug/unfollow the bad actors, influencers or even the “fake” experts/analysts or strategists
  • Focus on the 99.99% of positivity not the 0.01% of negativity
  • We have one life to live so we YOLO with cryptoS
  • Fiats are designed and invented to be broken

We offer Free of Charge our picks on the top coins/tokens but we’re not your Financial Advisors so Do Your Own Research (D.Y.O.R) to reach your Financial plus Political Freedom and everything in between with your Investment of cryptoS. Never go all-in in any market conditions unless you can manage the risks and you can afford to lose, especially with cryptoS. Below is our crypto portfolio for long/short term.

Note: We know cryptoS will be here to stay while coins and tokens will come and go due to fierce competition/frauds/scams… This could be 99% of the tokens that can’t survive the test of time so there is no rush to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) since opportunities are always there because we are still very early with cryptoS!