Smart Money

To get you excited for the next Bull run which is in a year time 2024/25 we aggregate the best of the best with Smart Money.

  • The top tools to get exclusive Alpha on your next 50-100x tokens or maybe potentially 1000-10,000x: we explain why we handpicked these out of hundreds
  • The ultimate Crypto List, CR 50+ a great introduction to all the best companies in each category
  • Get Rich with meme tokens

Below are the top wallets from investing to trading plus airdrops… Some have done quite well from MEME coins to airdrop hunting after turning a few hundreds to thousands and tens of thousands. Once again manage your RISKs properly with cryptoS and this is never financial advice as it’s for educational and entertainment purposes only. We will update this page continuously while you can get the daily dose of the best news to make informed decisions.

Follow the best people from these top accounts like LookOnchain, CryptoKoryo and MacnBTC for exclusive Alpha.

Trading with the best PnL (Profit and Loss):

  • 0xe8c19db00287e3536075114b2576c70773e039bd: PnL >> Andrew Kang: twitter, Debank
  • 0x930d7f51517cbf059e87e5feaf3ea1cf7ca17179: Debank >> Proof of buying Low and selling High
  • ogosh.eth: a good fit for retail traders to start copying with small amounts

MEME trading:

This meme wallet seams to be investing early in the majority of the meme tokens under ERC20 like getting in to the top 50 holders.

smart money
Credit: LookOnchain

The most recent story that got the attention of mostly everyone in the industry is $PEPE, the meme ERC20 token shot up to more than $100M in market cap in less than a week and one of the wallets that bought in early with a few hundreds is now worth millions. After checking this new wallet closely it might be just a one hit wonder because there is no prior history on any activities as it could be an insider or a marketing gimmick from the team.

meme smart money

Sometimes it’s also luck alongside with smart money, one of the secrets we reveal from the best crypto Book…

There are many ways to get alerts on these wallets but one of the most convenient is to use Uniswap’s non-custodial wallet or to monitor the activities in real-time of any actions or movements. Simply add a view-only wallet and enable Notifications!

Too much information will be confusing and it could lead to bad outcome but too little will result to misinforming with poor Return on Investment (ROI) so enough to make smart decisions will be always best. This is the reason why we recommend to follow 5-10 accounts that can provide exclusive Alpha and to monitor 5-10 wallets to spot the pattern.