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The top coins/tokens of this Bear cycle, 2022!

Every day, the coins’ market is becoming more and more complicated. The number of new coins/tokens grows exponentially. But what are the best coins of this Bear cycle? In this article, we will review the top coins/tokens.

Always take these kinds of lists with a grain of salt as they might perform well in a short time but might be not long time since you can always take a look at our Portfolios for long-term investment!

Make sure that you can spot the new ones with the existing ones since many media companies do not disclose the ads they are trying to inject in order to lure new investors for unvetted projects. If you’re new to cryptoS then this one and only will help you make your first $Million and potentially multi-millions in the next Bull cycle. This is NEVER financial Advice as it’s for Entertainment, Educational, and Informational purposes only. Please consult with your financial Advisors to get into cryptos and allocate 50% of your portfolios to make that transition from fiats and/or traditional finances/stocks/bonds…

The top coins on the list are APTOS as this is the most promising one of this Bear cycle and here is why:

  • Bitcoin was the first and still continues as the Leader for some time
  • Ethereum is Bitcoin’s killer as $ETH just completed the transition to PoS (Proof of Stake)
  • Solana is Ethereum’s killer with PoH (Proof of History) to solve the Scalability of the Blockchain
  • And now $APT is Solana’s killer, you can read their WhitePaper as it’s worth it
top coins

The rest of these coins/tokens are based on their performance throughout this Bear cycle and of course, it might perform well in the next Bull cycle. Always calculate the downside risks and the upside potentials. This might be the only article you need to read this year or this cycle and forget the junk ones from the mainstream media even the likes of Forbes, CoinDesk, or CoinTelegraph… However besides the usual ones we have been recommending like $SOL, $MATIC, and $DOT… here are the old and new if you have never heard of:

2. $TON (The Open Network) from your favorite message App Telegram: Ton is the next-generation network aiming to unite all blockchains and the existing Internet.

3. $SAND (SandBox): the leader of Metaverse, once rumored of being acquired by Facebook (Meta as the parent company)

4. $ALGO (Algorand): A digital currency and transaction platform that offers true decentralization, scalability, and security

5. $UNI (Uniswap) or $CRV (Curve Finance): they are battling it out as the leader of DEXes (Decentralized Exchanges)

6. $BNB (Binance) or $FTT (FTX exchange): They are leading the CEXes (Centralized Exchanges) besides CoinBase ($COIN) if you’re in stocks

Bitcoin or Ethereum can’t print 100x anytime soon but the altcoins absolutely can even do +1000x with innovations so pay close attention to the potential, not the price to reap huge profits.

In no particular order that some of these are very potential tokens that you can accumulate and hold for like 5-7 years. Remember to check out our Portfolios as we will update our recommendations on the best coins/tokens for short/long-term investments with your risk tolerance and time horizon. Focus on a few to slowly and steadily accumulate your wealth as it’s never been too late!

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