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BYDFi and CR Forge Partnership

BYDFi, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange renowned for its secure trading environment, and CryptoS Report, a trusted source for insightful crypto news and analysis, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to reshape the crypto landscape by empowering users with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive crypto knowledge.

What to Expect

  1. Enhanced User Experience: We will collaborate to create educational resources, informative articles, and market insights directly accessible on the BYDFi platform. 
  2. Content Collaboration: Experts from both sides will develop valuable content to educate users on various crypto topics, fostering informed trading decisions. This content will span various difficulty levels, catering to both new and experienced crypto users.
  3. Exclusive Benefits: users can expect exclusive benefits and potential rewards through joint initiatives.
  4. Security Synergy: robust security infrastructure, coupled with CryptoS Report’s commitment to accurate and reliable information, will create a secure and informed trading environment for BYDFi users.

About BYDFi:

The “fortress of secure trading,” offers a user-friendly platform for seamless cryptocurrency transactions. Prioritizes security and innovation, fostering a trusted environment for both new and experienced crypto traders. Since its establishment in 2020, we have been committed to creating a transparent, efficient and trustworthy digital asset trading environment for global users, promoting the development of the digital economy and global financial inclusion.

BYDFi Crypto Gateway

Objectives of the Partnership:

The partnership between BYDFi and CR aims to achieve the following:

  1. Enhance user education and knowledge within the platform.
  2. Foster informed and responsible trading practices among users.
  3. Collaborate on market research and analysis to provide valuable insights to the crypto community. This knowledge sharing fosters a more informed and collaborative environment within the crypto space.
  4. Build a stronger and more secure future for the cryptocurrency industry.

Key Initiatives

The partnership will roll out several initiatives over the coming months:


  1. Educational Content: We will collaborate to develop a comprehensive library of educational content directly accessible on the BYDFI platform.
  2. Market Insights and Analysis: CR will leverage its expertise to provide BYDFI users with insightful reports and analysis on market conditions and cryptocurrency behavior.
  3. Co-Hosted Events: To further incentivize user participation and engagement, we will co-host exclusive events featuring exciting giveaways, prize pools, bonuses and more.


This strategic alliance between us is a significant step forward for the crypto industry. By combining BYDFi’s secure platform with CryptoS Report’s insightful analysis, this partnership aims to elevate the overall crypto experience for users, empowering them to navigate the crypto landscape with confidence.