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DWF Labs will manipulate $TOMO to another ATH after partnership

DWF Labs, a prominent market maker in the crypto space, has recently announced its investment in TomoChain, a layer-1 blockchain platform that aims to provide fast, efficient and eco-friendly solutions for Web3.

TomoChain and DWF Labs have entered into a seven-figure vested token investment agreement, according to a tweet from TomoChain on October 2, 2023. The tweet also stated that this investment will bolster TomoChain’s infrastructure and contribute to the mass adoption of Web3, the decentralized and user-centric version of the internet.

And here is the official announcement from TomoChain with a blog post

TomoChain, which launched its mainnet in 2018, has been attracting attention in the blockchain industry with its innovative features, such as low fees, high scalability, cross-chain interoperability and privacy protection. TomoChain also supports various applications, such as decentralized exchanges, gaming, NFTs and DeFi.

DWF Labs, which is known for its strategic partnerships and investments in the crypto space, has expressed its confidence in TomoChain’s vision and potential. DWF Labs will also collaborate with TomoChain on developing ecosystem initiatives and tools that will foster the growth of the TomoChain community.

Following the news, TomoChain’s native token TOMO saw a 6% increase in price and reached $1.52. At the time of writing, TOMO is trading at $1.466, according to various exchanges

TomoChain and DWF Labs’ partnership is expected to bring more value and innovation to the Web3 space and benefit both the investors and the users of the blockchain technology.

DWF Labs, a market maker in the cryptocurrency industry, has been accused of market manipulation by some skeptics. However, Andrei Grachev, co-founder of DWF Labs, has denied any involvement in market manipulation and attributed price fluctuations to the inherent dynamics of the market and people’s response to potential profitability. He also emphasized that DWF Labs is not involved in any manipulation

We will expect $TOMO to hit another All Time High this month or potentially this year with the manipulations from DWF Labs!