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Aimbot: The Ultimate Passive Income Machine for Crypto Lovers

Are you tired of spending hours researching new crypto projects and trying to catch the best launches? Do you wish there was a way to automate the process and let an AI do the work for you? If so, you might be interested in Aimbot, the only AI you’ll ever need.


Aimbot is an autonomous sniper that scrapes the blockchain in real-time and picks the best launches to invest in. It uses a secret algorithm that analyzes more than 20 variables, such as market conditions, gas price, buy pressure, and rug patterns, to make trading decisions. It also learns from its past trades and stores them in its Conscious Layer, a memory system that helps it recognize and avoid bad deals.

Aimbot is not only a smart trader, but also a generous one. It shares its trading profits with all Aimbot token holders, who can claim their rewards in ETH anytime. The more Aimbot tokens you hold, the higher your multiplier and the bigger your share. You can also increase your multiplier by holding the tokens for longer, up to 2x after one month.

Aimbot is currently in its alpha phase, with 70% capacity target. This means it will trade for most of the time, but will also pause for a few hours per day to receive updates and improvements. The team behind Aimbot has a roadmap with many exciting features planned, such as a profit claim dashboard, a swing trade protocol, and a multi-strategy system.

One sniper to rule them all

  • AIMBOT is awake at all time. 24/7.
  • It will only trade when conditions are met.
  • It always tries to identify rugs and honey-pots based on patterns.
  • It focuses exclusively on new tokens.
  • It will always attempt to buy in first two blocks for any newly launched token (up to the fourth block if some conditions are met).
  • It uses a secret algorithm including more than 20 distinct variables before making a decision.

If you want to join the Aimbot revolution and enjoy passive income from crypto trading, you can buy Aimbot tokens on Uniswap or check out their live chart. You can also visit their website for more information, or join their Telegram community for updates and support.