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MEME Coin, a Self-Proclaimed Joke Crypto, Outshines Dogecoin and Shiba Inu With 50% Surge

The meme cryptocurrency MEME has outperformed its rivals, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu , by a wide margin. While DOGE and SHIB dropped by 2-4%, trading at $0.074 and $0.000008548 respectively, MEME soared by more than 70% to reach $0.35. MEME also saw a huge increase in its market capitalization and trading volume, which rose by 46.54% and 780.47%, reaching $288 million and $1.2 billion respectively.


What makes MEME unique is that it was launched as a pure meme coin, with no utility, roadmap, or promises. The project’s website states: “Memecoin is literally a meme coin. No utility. No roadmap. No promises. No expectation of financial return. Just 100% memes.”

The trending of MEME was first spotted by the expert @qudrat

And his projection for an EPIC run of about 10x

Currently we don’t see any selling presure yet for $MEME

MEME’s popularity can be partly attributed to its partnership with the Memeland Group, the company behind the famous entertainment platform 9GAG. The partnership aims to foster creativity and community through the use of MEME tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

However, the project’s white paper warns that the MEME token is not meant to be used as a payment method, and that it carries a high risk of volatility and loss. It says: “The MEME token is not intended for use as a means of payment for goods or services, whether through the Memeland Group or otherwise.”


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