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Solana Mobile 2

Original price was: $1,000.00.Current price is: $500.00.

This product will further what we set out to do with the Solana Mobile Saga – which was to make crypto products and services more accessible to the public by putting Web3 securely in the palms of their hands. Our focus right now remains on gauging demand. We’ll be communicating additional details and developments via the Solana Mobile twitter and website.


Almost overnight, Solana Mobile‘s Saga became the most rewarding experience on a phone, ever, and sold out. You know that story. Now it’s time for the next part of the epic, with our sights set on new horizons and global availability. Don’t miss your chance to be an early adopter. Join us and preorder Chapter 2, get the word out and maximize your chance for ecosystem rewards and giveaways.

An ambitious vision

When we embarked on creating the first Solana mobile phone, we were driven by a wildly ambitious vision: to offer our developer community a free and unrestricted app store, especially for crypto features, and to provide our users with the most secure signing environment available on a cell phone. It was a long and arduous journey, and honestly, there were times we doubted we would make it.

Then, things changed

We sold over 15,000 devices in a single astonishing day. It wasn’t our doing; it was the Solana developers who made it happen. Having these 20,000 devices in our users’ hands is a crucial milestone. We now have a community as sizable as some of the largest NFT projects, offering a fertile ground for developers to build and experiment with mobile. However, for the Solana ecosystem to truly embrace mobile and master its destiny, we need to aim much higher.

The future

The next phase depends on selling at least 100,000 units. With our community’s support, we have reached our minimum target of 100,000 units. We are now actively working on Chapter 2 and anticipate shipping the product in the first half of 2025. We are still taking preorders, so, if you want to be part of history and challenge the app store duopoly, preorder now!



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