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Universal Basic Smartphone


Universal dApp Store

The UBS comes with the Universal dAPP Store which provides users with direct access to over 600+ decentralized apps in the TON ecosystem. From wallets to games, users can enjoy a wide range of applications on their smartphone.

Universal App Suite

UBS comes pre-installed with a set of apps designed to enhance the smartphone experience. Earn Web2 and Web3 rewards with OysterEarn, discover your favorite of dApps with the Universal dApp store, and manage your crypto assets with UniWallet.



Building an equitable digital economy for all

Universal Basic Smartphone(UBS) is creating an equitable digital economy where everyone is fairly compensated for their data. In the era of AI, while we have little control over what happens to the data we produce, companies profit from it for free. UBS gives you the power to control and benefit from your data to build a future where everyone gets a share. UBS believes in a digital economy that gives back to those who participate.


The smartphone that pays you

Your purchase of a UBS comes with a unique Genesis NFT and the opportunity to claim daily data dividends and more. You can also gain access to cashback benefits for both Web2 and Web3 through the OysterEarn app.


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