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Discover the insides of cryptoS: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Discover the insides of cryptos: The Good, Bad and Ugly

This article explores the insides of cryptoS: It will help you to understand the Good, the bad, and the ugly of the industry.

This article is not about profit or investment, but about cryptocurrency opportunities and challenges. Crypto has a variety of use cases, but this article covers the insides of the good, bad, and ugly of cryptoS. We’ve officially started our journey with cryptoS Report and we’ve just hit the runway, so we need to brush up on the basics. We know the majority of coins and tokens will come and go but shifting through thousands each cycle is not possible for any human being; however, we can certainly spot a few best ones to make better recommendations to the mainstream. Please check out our Portfolios as we have done the Re(search) so you don’t have to!

The Good

Only focus on a good few instead of many bad ones whether it’s coins, tokens, influencers, traders, experts, or strategists. The technologies are maturing and it requires a bit of time to learn, nothing complex for a smart retail investor or a normal citizen if we know how to navigate the complexity of the industry with our common sense, that is the basic fundamental.

You can focus to get your hands dirty with cryptoS and to take back the power but always remember power comes with responsibility. There are many great people working in the industry every waking hour to make contributions to the Blockchain in general as we are getting bigger and better every day. Everything goes back to the basics with the power of Peer to Peer. Many will be in it for the money and many more are in cryptoS to make lives better for more than 8 billion of us. Of course, there are a few bad apples here and there so just ignore the noises and focus on the signal which will get all of us to the true Democracy of the world with equal access to everything that is available to human beings.

The reason why the world still functions peacefully is because of good people and we innovate to make the world a better place. Good people have purposes in life to get us through hard times as we always see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are working towards a bright future that we can predict with high probability. It is the best time to be alive with the latest and greatest technologies like Quantum, Blockchain, AIs, and Robotics (QBAR) plus many others like reusable Rockets to get humans to other planets in a very near future or to get us from one place to another on Earth in a matter of hours.

The Bad

The bad apples are very minimal and the pessimistic can’t see the future since they can only see a black-and-blank present. They go after profits and forget the meaning of life. For the money, they can do anything and everything to take advantage of their fans, their followers, and even their inner circles. They don’t contribute to society but to take away with their selfishness. We don’t spend much time with these bad apples since it’s a waste of our time and yours. So the best way is to simply ignore them!

The Ugly

This is the worst one here and it’s what we call the worst enemy of humanity, that is Stupidity. Spreading misinformation with an extreme view is worse but nothing compares to people spreading their Stupidity to exploit the illiteracy of the public. For example Professor Bitcorn, Peter Schiff, or Nouriel Roubini—Crypto’s Fiercest Critic. Even Albert Einstein was a little scared of the stupidity of humanity.

The argument is if these critics prevent many from getting into Bitcoin in the first place and if and when cryptoS is a success we can discuss the charges either in monetary or prison time. Many followers of these critics never consider cryptos as an option not to mention a better option or the best option besides traditional finances and they will miss that opportunity to reach financial and political Freedom plus everything in between. Remember there should be a timeline to charge those critics as it’s not a forever thing when they go spreading the stupidity, maybe if Bitcoin or cryptoS in general never crash(es) in a single Cycle we can go after them just simply because they never put out proper Disclosure or Disclaimer.

The authority charges people for promoting bad projects after they go soured and they should also charge the bad critics for preventing their followers from becoming financially wealthy.

Be careful with the ugly of cryptoS.

  • Pump/Dump: it’s a practice to lure new investors in at first then dump the tokens and the naive investors end up with the bags
  • Manipulation: Now it is much less compared to the previous cycles but still very much prevalent on new exchanges
  • Insider Trading: Until strict regulations are enforced we will continue to see bad actors taking advantage of new listings or exclusive/confidential news

Think critically

Money has been gambled since at least from 9000 BC. Currencies have played an important role in human society, constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of each society and now money is just a single application of the Blockchain as the best piece of software that’s ever written by humanity for humanity. Always go back to the fundamentals and focus on the signal instead of the noises.

Maybe the argument is that if you would like to spread the knowledge to share with the world then you should be responsible for the facts. Not spreading misinformation or the worst is spreading stupidity. Any kind of promotion without proper disclosure or disclaimer will be charged whether it scam/rug-pulled or worse is the stupidity of the critics. This case can be brought to the Supreme Court of the United States to see if preventing many by denying a great opportunity to reach their financial and political Freedom will be a crime. As always we are not financial Advisors, please consult your own on the investments!

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