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Bitcoin Analysis: the Price down to $25k and rally to $40k

The last pullback of Bitcoin price really has no reason but to explain with an overbought scenario due to cascading liquidations in just an hour. A sharp drop is a sign of a correction from the top of this rally now that Bitcoin price is fighting the support at $25k-$27k before we see some recovery then going up to $35k-$40k.

bitcoin analysis
Bitcoin Price

Technical analysis to an investor means nothing but it’s very valuable to traders on the other hand and there are plenty of opinions on which direction the market will go both Bullish or Bearish at the same time. In order to form your own we present the top views from $10k to $50k with short-term Bitcoin Analysis this year.

3 Bearish Bitcoin analysis

3 Bullish Bitcoin analysis

Technical analysis after the fact is extremely easy but predicting the next move is very hard, for long term we know it will get there while with short-term it is a game of traders but not for investors. Whether the price of Bitcoin will hit $10k or $10M no one knows for sure, only time will tell. And here is our best analysis:

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Bitcoin Analysis


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