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Will PEPE overtake Doge as #1?

Pepe is the latest meme coin for being nothing just like Doge back in the days started out as a joke. In matter of days the token got the attention of the Internet even faster than the last memes that are worth billions. And the next one(s) will be billions? Only time will tell…

We have not come out of this Bear cycle yet even though the market is doing its trick to show that we recovered from the lows but the meme coins season has officially started with PEPE, AIDOGE and MEMEME

Here is the classic example of investing a few hundreds to making millions in less than a week: the wallet >> dimethyltryptamine.eth swapped 0.025 ETH and then 0.1 ETH for the total of 5.91T very early in the hours of token listing on Uniswap, now currently worth plus/minus $2 millions and possibly much more as the popularity of the token soars. This wallet is one of the biggest holdlers and even bigger than some of the CEXes’ balances.

meme coins
meme coins

However it’s now in the public eyes so any movements or actions will be monitored very closely to see who’s behind this mysterious one whether that is an insider, one of the founders or just a lucky individual who stumbled upon once in a lifetime opportunity with meme coins.

Another wallet picked up a nice chunk early on with a good strategy of buying most of the newly created tokens like trading IEO on centralized exchanges but this is trading new meme coins on DEXes like Uniswap with the most popular, ERC20 tokens.

The meme of the next Bull run

Of course we can’t leave out some more great analysis as always:

The million dollar question is whether any of the new meme tokens will overtake Doge or Shiba, the answer is yes and we have no idea which one it will be in the next Bull run; However currently PEPE is the most popular follows by AIDOGE and MEMEME as it is always the popularity contest when it comes to meme coins.

Will the market cap of those memes reach the unicorn status, billions of dollars? We will have to wait and see because the opportunity is there, now it’s a matter of time.

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