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Bitcoin Price to a Million Dollar or $10 millions the next cycle

If we remember the last cycle when influencers from Youtube to Tiktok predicted Bitcoin price to go to half a million or even a few millions. Now we are coming out of the bottom of this Bear market and potentially entering a “supercycle” where cryptoS will go parabolic once again like the last few cycles.

The craziest prediction is Bitcoin hitting $1M in 90 days by former Coinbase Executive:

Or Bitcoin Price will hit $10M by Jesse Myers in the next few decades

bitcoin price

And Larry Lepard, founder and managing partner at Equity Management Associates, a new interview with Kitco forecasts:

I think the intelligent people in the world and ultimately most people get the joke and realize that fiat currency is losing value consistently, and as that trend grows people will go to Bitcoin.

They’ll go to Bitcoin. They’ll go to gold. They’ll go to property. Nobody’s going to be stupid enough to buy bonds from a set of governments that have proven they can’t manage the currency correctly.

If gold goes to $10,000 tomorrow, we’re going to mine more gold. There’s just no doubt because we know where it is, it’s just not economic to get it out of the ground [right now].

Whereas if Bitcoin goes to a $100,000 tomorrow, there’s not going to be any more Bitcoin created. So that’s a very powerful thing. There’s seven-plus billion people on the planet and there are 21 million of these coins. It’s a very sound form of money.

As more and more people come to [realize they] should save in this form of money, the price is going to go much higher in my opinion. I think we’ll hit $100,000. Then I think we’ll hit $1 million, and I think we’ll ultimately hit $10,000,000 a coin. I’m sure my grand kids will be shocked at people who own one coin. I mean being a whole coiner will be a big deal.

Realistically Bitcoin is the leader in the space in terms of price that creates stability for other altcoins to innovate, so the price of BTC hitting $1M or even $10M is unimaginable since Ethereum can and will flip Bitcoin in the next Bull run as an alternative for Digital Gold.

Some of the models can accurately predict the price of Bitcoin with a few tweaks like the Rainbow

image 1 bitcoin price
New Rainbow Model

Bitcoin price won’t reach millions any time soon but it could reach hundreds of thousands in the next cycle (supercycle) or the one after. The cryptoS market capitalization can certainly reach trillions of dollars this decade by 2030 with Ethereum potentially is flippening Bitcoin as it is deflationary plus the Proof of Stake which is somewhat superior in terms of energy usage.

There is no doubt that we are witnessing the next revolution of finances since the Internet with cryptocurrencies, from centralization to decentralization. This application is just the tip of the ice-berg with many great ones of the Blockchain to come in the years ahead. For this next cycle we still rely on Bitcoin for 4 year on each halving; however the one after is anyone’s guess if ETH flips and then SOL…

With Bitcoin creating stability while altcoins innovate so most of the predictions are for publicity stun and they are often wrong then no one remembers and everyone forgets. One thing we are certain is cryptoS are still very early as technologies evolve and we have to adapt to get Rich by getting along or we can choose to fall behind with the collapse of banks and national deficits in trillions year after year. The Blockchain is the solution no matter the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum!


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