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Crypto Custody: A Guide for Institutions by CCData and Zodia Custody

Crypto custody is the process of safeguarding and managing digital assets. It is a vital service for institutions that want to participate in the emerging crypto markets. However, crypto custody poses unique challenges and risks that differ from those in traditional finance.

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A recent report by CCData, a leading provider of institutional-grade digital asset data and indices, and Zodia Custody, a regulated crypto custodian, offers an in-depth overview of the crypto custody landscape. The report, titled “Crypto Custody: An Institutional Primer,” covers various topics such as:

  • The role and importance of custodians in the crypto sector
  • The security measures and best practices adopted by custodians
  • The factors to consider when choosing a custody provider
  • The different types of custody models and solutions
  • The current trends and developments in the industry

The report also highlights the opportunities and challenges that custodians face in this fast-evolving sector. It emphasizes the need for custodians to adapt their offerings to meet the diverse and changing needs of institutional clients. It also suggests that custodians can drive adoption by mitigating counterparty risks and providing innovative services.

The report is based on data collected up to 30 September 2023. It aims to provide impartial and reliable information for institutions that want to learn more about crypto custody. It also serves as a reference for regulators, policymakers, and researchers who want to understand the dynamics and implications of this sector.


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