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Metamask airdrop confirmed and it’s the biggest in history

When you hear something really great even from a reliable source you need to make sure it’s not fake. The last airdrop from Arbitrum was big and it generated so much buzzes but this $MASK is the biggest one in the history due to its scale. Things happen real-time on twitter and this is what we stumble upon:

Here are the steps we quickly summarize in order to get the Metamask Airdrop:

  1. Swap at least 3 times with total volume of $1000
  2. Bridge across multiple chains 3 times of at least $1k
  3. Stake you ETH or assets
  4. Donate to GitCoin
  5. Join the Early Access Program of Infura by signing up

Metamask has not taken any snapshot yet so a combination of the above steps will increase the probability of being on the list. At the end of the day for any airdrop you need to interact with the ecosystem by swapping, bridging and/or utilizing since there is no set of rules because it’s different from project to project but the common practice is always the same, simply use it.

Watch out for the scams and frauds:

  • Make sure it is from not dot com or dot anything
  • Never click on any link from emails or twitter, type it in yourself

Here is the scam one on Uniswap as the bad actors purposely created the same token $MASK and they even sent to Binance and metamask.eth to lure in the in-experienced investors then rug pull. We are still waiting for the official announcement while the fake $mask traded and lasted for a few hours then liquidity removed. It’s all about Smart Money!

metamask airdrop
Fake $MASK

Here is another thread to get a better idea with the number of wallets that might get the airdrops:


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