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Will $DORKL become the next meme token even in this Bear cycle?

In less than 24h the meme token $DORKL (Dork Lord) has broken some unprecedented records against other previous meme coins/tokens:

  • 5000+ Hodlers
  • $20M+ Market Cap
  • Multiple CEX listings

It is too fast that even without any marketing yet it’s reached levels that we have never seen before compared to $Doge, $Shiba or $Pepe. We know each cycle there will be only one winner of meme tokens and the last one was $Doge then came $Shiba. Now we had $Pepe but it is losing momentum because we are still in the Bear cycle.

The risk of meme tokens will be very simple: either it will moon or it goes to ZERO!

Credit of the Dork Lord coined the father of Pepe goes to Matt Furie

So whether $DORKL will beat $Pepe to take the crown, only time will tell; however the momentum is great with a hodling community it seems.

Here is our crazy prediction with the best case scenario (the worst case is ZERO):

  • First day: $10M+ market cap
  • First week: $100M+ market cap
  • First month: $1B market cap

At the top of the market #DOGE reached $89 billions, #Shiba got up to $41 billions and while #PEPE shot up to $1.5 billions after a month of launch. We have never seen any memes with such growth like $DORKL but it remains to be seen if billions of dollars will go into “the father of all”.

Then who knows after that when each $DORKL is trading in the dollars, could be a few dollars. So always make sure you are very careful with your tokens!

Here is the legitimate site:

“Introducing ᗪOᖇK ᒪOᖇᗪ – the ultimate memecoin sensation from the dankest depths of the internet Just like the beloved Pepe meme, ᗪOᖇK ᒪOᖇᗪ is here to conquer the internet with its unparalleled memeability and charm.


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