Get Rich quick scheme with meme tokens, top sites 5+

The meme season has officially started around the bottom of this cycle with the GET RICH like: $PEPE, $WOJAK, $WASSIE or $TURBO plus countless other rug-pulled tokens. You have been warned so many times about the risks of cryptoS and this won’t be the last time. Do Your Own Research before jumping into this popularity contest with the risk of losing it all and the return is pretty much depending on Luck plus high rewards like a few hundreds turning to millions in the matter of weeks/months.

In Summary:

  • Getting to know the top tools
  • Tracking newly top pairs
  • Monitoring top accounts

Be prepared to lose all if you invest in rug-pulled tokens or projects as some look very legitimate until bad things happen, we are talking of losing 100% not 95-99% like most good projects in a bear cycle. We always hear stories of lucky individuals investing a few hundreds or thousands and they turned millionaires or multi-millionaires.

get rich

This is the get rich quick scheme if you have that risky appetite when it comes to cryptoS. We are not encouraging anyone to invest with meme tokens but this does not prevent people from doing so with their money. We will show some tricks on how to be the first to identify those newly tokens with the top tools.

With meme tokens, it’s all about popularity and nothing else. It’s the best way to describe “The Greater Fool Theory” and each cycle we only have one best meme token out of thousands and no one knows for sure which one it will be until the next Bull run which is still many months ahead. So let’s get the top tools and some great strategies to start your meme journey!

  • >> first you need to familiarize yourself with the most popular pairs under ERC-20 since the best will come out from Ethereum then the copycats from other chains like BRC-20 or Solana unless there is something new like the latest Ordinals.

A few sites that are in the same category for you to explore further like or starting with Ethereum…

  • >> second you need to check the authenticity with the key points like: honeypot, blacklist, anti-whale and renounced ownership…

Pay attention to the daily gainers, hot pairs and trending searches especially on social media to develop your own strategies like following some of the whale wallets/accounts as Smart Money to monitor what they are after. Of course you need to share with your circle because the more popular the better for meme tokens to hit the jackpot.

Most if not all of the copycats will fade away since there is nothing new and people will dump eventually. Remember to focus on the something new and unique plus do not forget the power of HODLing. For example: some investors got in early and sold for quick profits, if it’s the right token you can simply hodl it untill the peak of the next Bull cycle then think about selling otherwise regrets like this will happen…

Biggest regret of cryptoS

Now you heard the stories and with the top tools at hands you can develop your own strategies to begin the journey of getting Rich quick scheme while preparing to lose 99% or 100% if you’re unlucky with rug-pulled tokens. There is no free lunch and if luck is on your side you will definitely make it with meme tokens but it’s always better to invest with the top coins/tokens since the Blockchain is the future and we are still very early to transition from centralization to decentralization.


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