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cryptoS Report 2.0

We all know the revenue sharing model of YouTube for content creators or influencers then came TikTok as a shorter version. However recently Elon Musk changes the game of sharing Ads revenue with @X, formerly known as @twitter that influencers, creators and threadors on the platform can earn with their contents.

CR 2.0
CR 2.0

Why a portion of the revenue while we can share 100%, this is what we call Decentralized Revenue (DR). We believe in the future of decentralization with social networks where “Your contents then your money”. This is a very unique and innovative approach to disrupt the industry to build the best community ever.

We will reward our readers while making sure our creators can earn 100% on their amazing contents with Ads revenue. Not only we share the knowledge but also the wealth with everyone involved.

For example: readers come to CryptoPanic as a news aggregator and the revenue goes to the team or the owner while they have to see the Ads anyway. Another extreme one is Drudge Report where they generate hundreds of millions with Ads and the money goes to Drudge. The Ads can not be unseen by the readers so we are up to the challenge to change once and for all.

Currently we are not thinking of a utility token (CR or C2E: Create 2 Earn) yet unless it’s something very innovative to our community but we will certainly reward our early readers and creators.

For our readers we will do:

  • Giveways
  • Airdrops: not our own tokens but stablecoins like usdt/usdc on Ethereum and Solana networks
  • Contests

The more revenue we get the better the giveaways to our readers.

The recent article from CoinTelegraph made a pretty great point on mass adoption with ads revenue model by charging users a minimal fees and it has been more than a decade we are still not onboarding the first billion people yet. We are here to disrupt by introducing the sharing model of ads revenue better than any web 2 or 3 companies.

To be continued as we’re brainstorming…


Editor in Chief