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Solana with the web3 mobile phones taking on the big giants Apple and Samsung

In Summary:

  • Solana Mobile Stack (SMS): Seed Vault, Saga Pass, and the dApp Store.
  • Sage phone announced last year and will be available to the public this May
  • $SOL is one of the best long term investment

If one remembers the first iPhone when Nokia was on top of the world dominating the dumb phone market. And executives from Wall Streets praised the Blackberry with such great memory. Those days are gone after the disruption of the smartphones and now it is all familiar with web3 mobile phones powered by the Blockchain. It started with Solana and maybe Ethereum then Samsung to follow suit.

The websites says “The mobile era of web3 begins now. Premium hardware purpose-built to power web3. Self custody on phone with Seed Vault. Access web3 native dApps. Experience the Saga difference.

image?url=%2F next%2Fstatic%2Fmedia%2Fhardware saga hero phones revised.0b84ec0f solana
Saga Phone, the hint is April since last year!

The Solana dApp Store for now only has a handful of applications:

  • Four wallets: Phantom, Solflare, Ledger and Squads
  • Three DeFi apps:, Jupiter and Mango
  • Three NFT apps: Nokiamon, Minty Fresh and TIEXO
  • Three social apps: Dialect, Audius Music and urFeed
  • And the dApp “workspace”

The welcome pack, Saga users receive $20 worth of USDC and 0.01 SOL, or 0.0026 of a dollar. The engineering lead at Solana Mobile confirmed:

“We’ve been reaching out and engaging with big players in the Solana ecosystem and those who recognize that mobile has won for everything else. A lot of developers are realizing mobile will win eventually and they want to be there when it happens.”

Now the question is if the public will foot more than a thousand dollars to switch from Apple to the next big thing while the transition from Android devices will be seamless since the Saga is powered by Android. This is one of the reasons why we handpicked Solana to be a great long term investment along side with Bitcoin and Ethereum out of tens of thousands tokens under our Portfolio.

But the “Rat Poison” Warren Buffett still believes cryptoS got no intrinsic values when a physical mobile device is shipping which can be the next revolutionary thing in our modern time. So saying Solana or cryptocurrencies have no merits to change our financial and political systems is much like saying Apple and Samsung got no values with their business models, to say the least.

The goal is very clear as Solana tries to bring cryptoS to the masses by integrating the Blockchain and putting everything on the hands of the consumers, that is the power but it comes with responsibility from securing to backing up your funds. We still have a long way to go to see the mainstream adopting cryptoS; however this is now the biggest opportunity of our lifetime from the development of AI to the Blockchain.

To save the planet we need to save our environment and to change the future we need to change our habits from centralization to decentralization with great responsibilities nevertheless. Bitcoin started out as the first P2P electronic payment, Ethereum came after with smart contracts to spur innovations with altcoins then Solana delivers the first web3 mobile phone with the Blockchain built-in. The pattern is now becoming obvious that we are transitioning to decentralization, away from monopoly and dictatorship that are centralized with power and money. No one can kill decentralization since the Blockchain is the solution to every problem that starts with fiats.


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